Why Sentronex

Here are 5 of the many reasons to choose Sentronex as your IT services provider:

1. Focused on Financials

Sentronex is fully dedicated to the London financial sector and provides appropriately niche, fully managed, end-to-end IT services to our clients.

2. Tailored Solutions

Although many regulated companies have similarities, each is unique.  Sentronex works hard to create specialised solutions, bespoke to each client, without the associated overwhelming price tag.

3. Aggressive SLAs & Response Times

Sentronex wholly understands the pressures of the financial industry and offers robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to reassure customers.  Located moments from The City, our close proximity to clients allows for an accelerated response time.

4. Outstanding Customer Referral Rate

Sentronex comes highly recommended by our existing clients with 70% taking two or more of our services.   We have numerous case studies to demonstrate their satisfaction.

5. Excellent Pricing

Sentronex prices are flexible and cost-effective, ensuring that we can provide a solution to fit any budget.