Are you a London-based financial house in need of a flexible, scalable, cost effective Disaster Recovery solution that satisfies your regulatory requirements?

Sentronex understands that when it comes to Disaster Recovery, you need a service that works, and fast.  If the unexpected happens, you need to be prepared.

Which of the following DR services do you require?

Close Proximity Trading Recovery

We realise that for many financial institutions, your trading environment is one of the most crucial operating functions within your business.  Sentronex understands that, in the event of a Disaster Recovery invocation, it is paramount to re-establish operations as soon as possible.

Sentronex has a close proximity specialist trading environment based in Southwark and from there, we ensure your team has maximum opportunity to return to trading as soon as possible.

Recovery Site Locations

We offer both contended and dedicated recovery positions at the following site:

1. London SE1 (Southwark)

Southwark DR FacilityPDF icon

All contended positions have a low Contention Ratio of 6:1.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning is designed to ensure companies can continue to serve their clients when a disaster strikes without warning, both during and after it has occurred.

From the beginning, Sentronex has focused on providing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services niche to London-based financials.  Sentronex helps many financial businesses establish their Business Continuity or pull their current Disaster Recovery provisions in line with FCA regulation.

Unlike many of our competitors, we combine the understanding of banking and IT specifically for the benefit of financial organisations in and around the City of London.  

With increasingly strict regulatory requirements from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), it is no longer acceptable to idly prepare a Business Continuity Plan.  When implemented successfully, a good Business Continuity Plan can prove to be a marketable asset, rather than an operational hindrance.

Voice Recovery & Replication Services

Business goals have a significant impact in defining the most appropriate means of data replication. Sentronex develops 100% customised solutions in order to meet the needs of your organisation and its users.

Sentronex uses an open consultative approach to reviewing a customer’s telephony solutions.  We offer a wide range of technologies to make sure the right solution is provided to you

At Sentronex, our solutions encompass the following two replication methods:

1. Software based solutions

This uses an application based on either the source or destination server to push/pull user data.  The application may work at either file level or more often, at a “byte by byte” level.

2. Hardware based solutions

Using SANs that is suitably configured in both production and Disaster Recovery environments, can allow complete replication of user and system data. This ensures the fast recovery of servers and the data/services.

Account Management

Unlike many of our competitors, Sentronex is able to offer every customer a dedicated and experienced Account Manager.

Each client is assigned a key point of contact – someone to liaise between the customer, the Sentronex engineers and the suppliers. In addition, your Account Manager will schedule regular review meetings, organise task allocation and coordinate delivery and project management, all whilst maintaining a positive working relationship and establishing long-term partnerships.

5 Reasons to Dust Off Your BCP

1. Keep going:

Imagine your business is unable to operate from its current facility.  Where do you go?  Your entire network is down and phone lines are unavailable.  Your company is losing money by the minute – how do you prevent your business from crumbling?  Identifying such risks and planning how your company is going to continue to operate when faced with a major disruption is at the core of Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

2. Sink or Swim

Businesses regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are now advised to fully consider all risks that may prevent their company from trading.  It also requires that a business documents this within an appropriate BCP, along with justified actions they would take under distressing circumstances.  It will no longer be acceptable to idly prepare a BCP.  MiFID promotes a proactive approach and insists all financial organisations prepare a BCP and provide evidence that it is regularly revised, updated and tested

3. Protect your investment:

A BCP is designed to ensure firms can continue to serve their clients when a disaster strikes without warning, both during and after it has occurred.  Organisations that put the time in to plan a BCP are in the best position to recover quickly and survive the risks of unplanned events.  To put it simply, unless you are well prepared, you risk going out of business.

4. Show if off:

Having a robust, tested and appropriate BCP is a marketing tool for any business.  Once you have achieved it, be sure to make existing and potential customers aware of the security you offer their supply chain.

5. Reputation is everything:

It is possible to measure the financial impact that system failure, flooding and even terrorism would have on a business by analysing lost sales.  However, the extent to which an event can tarnish both a business’ reputation and integrity without idly being prepared is not as easily quantifiable.  Our advice: maintain your reputation!

If you’d like more information about updating your BCP or to speak to someone about protecting your business, contact us today.


From the experience our employees have gained working in major international banks and IT support firms, Sentronex is able to offer you a fully managed DR service that meets the needs of your business and its complexities.
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