Through SentroConsult, Sentronex provide a practical range of IT consultancy services based on the experiences our expert employees have gained from working in major international banks, exchanges, and IT support organisations.  This is delivered as part of our Financial IT Directorship Service.

SentroConsult offers technical consultancy that provides strategic advice in line with your business’ goals.  The Financial IT Directorship Service is delivered by an Account Director who understands your daily trading and reporting activities, as well as market data feeds, trading platform requirements, and budget management.

What does the Financial IT Directorship service offer?

  • Front and Back Office Business Analysis
  • Network and Infrastructure Audit
  • Penetration Testing
  • Technology Business Strategic Review
  • Business Continuity Management Services
  • Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Tech Integration and Migration

Sentronex offers assistance, advice and guidance for a wide spectrum of projects though SentroConsult. Access to the above services can be added to your IT support agreement, or deployed on a purely project basis.

Through a structured assessment process of your front and back office systems, the SentroConsult Financial IT Directorship Service provides customers with the visibility and control required to manage projects, vendors, and people, whilst identifying key areas for cost savings.